Rainy Days are Beautiful

Rainy days are beautiful. Yes it is. However, too much raining is not good at all. It can cause floods around the city. (Too bad!) The funny thing about the weather here in my place, it's raining at the morning and at the afternoon, there will be sunshine! That's what they've said there's a sunshine always after the rain! :D

Have a good day! ♥ :)

you're right! I love rainy days on weekend so I could sleep or lie on my bed all day! :)

the weather is crazy! rain AND shine! :)) HAHA.. love the quote on the photo.. so true!

<3 hazel

I honestly hate the rain coz of the worms and it makes the road yucky, However, raining is nice somehow coz its always cool chillin at home drinking whatever drink while reading or doing anything. haha Sleeping is also <3 during rainy days..

I'm jealous! I'd take rain over our weather right now. We have a "thundersnow", which is an odd mixture of a snowstorm with thunder! O_o

I love the rain. It's a great excuse to turn down invitations from friends.. I'm a home person =)

Awww... nice post. love what it says on the photo. <3

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I love the rain too! :D

(because no one can see me cry when I play in the rain. :P so emo! LOL!)

your blog is adorable, i love the pictures!

Hello! nice post! visit my page you have an award! :D



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First award from EMOTERA! Thank you :)

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From Hazel. Thank you! :D