Haha! I don't know how long my blog will stay like this. I mean the layout. It's a Facebook layout! hahaha! Recently, I am not happy with what facebook, forced to change or upgrade my profile. I really hate it. I just want to stick to the old profile layout. But yeahh... just like the other social networking sites. They have to upgrade so that there's "something new" to people or to users. 

But yeah. Funny thing I just found out this layout and tried. So far, sooo good. hahah! I'm loving it. Print screen below for my remembrance if ever I will decide to change this layout. :) 
I like this. :) Why not FACEBLOG?! does it makes sense? hahaha :D
Have a great day!

Nice new profile layout! :) So purple! :)

i love your blog's layout.. fo facebookish.. <3

Hahah nice one with the facebook layout!! I think you should keep it! Quite unique for a blog layout! :)

Love the new Layout! :) keep this up. :)


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First award from EMOTERA! Thank you :)

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From Hazel. Thank you! :D