How To Have a Lovely Day?

There are 10 easy steps to have a Lovely Day. :)

1.Smile at Strangers – Forget about “don't talk to strangers” advised from our Parents (when we were kids) because smiling to strangers is different. It also makes their day bright! :)

2.Slow Down – Do not always “in a hurry mode.” Remember, “slowly but surely.”

3.Say Thank You – Never forget to say thank you to someone who helps you.

4.Give Lots of Compliments - “You're shoes are beautiful”, “You look good today” giving compliments to other is helping them to appreciate what they have. :)

5.Dress Nicely – Wear you attitude (I might say) because even if you are wearing simple, but if you're attitude is nice you also carry the way you dress.

6.Wear Perfume – Smelling good also gives us refreshing day to start with. And ooppss! Don't end your day with a bad smell. ;)

7.Observe and Listen – You don't have to always talk and talk and talk. Sometimes, it is good to observe and to listen to other people or to your environment. (i.e. school or work)

8.Be Charming – I bet you know how to do that. :) (effortless)

9.Laugh – Yeah. Laugh at yourself or laugh with your friends. It is better than to stay flat-face right?

10.Wish People a Lovely Day – easy thing to do. :) right?
There you go the 10 easy steps to have a lovely day. Have a Lovely Day People! :) ♥

Have you read 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'? It's a really famous self-help book and you've basically summed it all up! Wow, you're good =).

PS. I agree about smelling good! But TOO MUCH of anything can be a bad thing D: Especially if you're allergic to perfumes/colognes =(

Wow! Nice entry. Sooo love it. :) It could help me (i guess. from being so emotional)

Thanks. :)

great post . I love it. THANK YOOOU


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