Learn To Laugh At Yourself

I' am not referring that you should be crazy. However for sometimes, why not? Have you ever experienced that you're in a hurry, then you didn't notice that you make silly mistakes such as your perfumed you used as hairspray, while your hairspray as your perfumed? Look for the humor of your absentmindedness rather than a grimace of embarrassment. Have a healthy laugh at your own.

Did you know that, people that can laugh at themselves make a better marriage partners? Because they tend to be more tolerant, adjusted as well as flexible. Laughing at yourself keeps your ego in check and your feet on the ground. If you have never learned to laugh at yourself, now is a good time to do so.

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What Makes You Laugh?

They said, "Laughter is the best medicine, it's more cheaper." According to my survey I made these are what makes them laugh and these are the top 10 answers:

They laugh when they watching cartoons like Sponge Squarepants - Dimples

• Green Jokes. No kidding, even me I laugh at green jokes! - Pinky

• Small thing like people's reaction, if someone will crack a joke and laugh at it. - Len

• Humor forum threads. - Kate

• Corny Jokes. Now that is funny. Huh? - Liam

• Hearing their son or daughter's laughter. [Wow, that's cute] - Monique

• My friends' bloopers - Joan

• Every time I look in the mirror - Bert

• Life's Comedies - Jeff

• TV Comedy Shows - Sue

Everyone of us have different perception when it comes to laugh. Some people laugh easily by some small things and some people laugh if someone crack a joke especially when it is green. =)

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Does money buy happiness?

There are many ways that money can buy happiness. The money enhances the quality of life which in turn buy happiness. This is happiness is only true if you live within your means, live a modest lifestyle and pursuing the right path. If you are working for yourself or for your family, every time you received your salary, how do feel? Of course, you will feel happy right? This is reality! We are not working for charity here. Money matters nowadays, because without money you can't buy or sustain the needs of your loved ones and that for me that is happiness. There could be happiness that last for a short time which I prefer to things that we can buy in a store and there are happiness that last for a long time and that is how you sustain the needs and supports your family financially.

How about you? Does money buy happiness?

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More Happy Than Being Lucky

About my blog.
Nice blog title I have. ☺ I considered myself as a happy person and I compare myself to beans. I spill the beans [oopss.. not the thing that you think of] I spill the happiness! ☺

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