What Makes You Laugh?

They said, "Laughter is the best medicine, it's more cheaper." According to my survey I made these are what makes them laugh and these are the top 10 answers:

They laugh when they watching cartoons like Sponge Squarepants - Dimples

• Green Jokes. No kidding, even me I laugh at green jokes! - Pinky

• Small thing like people's reaction, if someone will crack a joke and laugh at it. - Len

• Humor forum threads. - Kate

• Corny Jokes. Now that is funny. Huh? - Liam

• Hearing their son or daughter's laughter. [Wow, that's cute] - Monique

• My friends' bloopers - Joan

• Every time I look in the mirror - Bert

• Life's Comedies - Jeff

• TV Comedy Shows - Sue

Everyone of us have different perception when it comes to laugh. Some people laugh easily by some small things and some people laugh if someone crack a joke especially when it is green. =)


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