Sorry, for not posting for the past few weeks... There are many thoughts running through my head right now that's why I don't know what to write :) Will post a real entry if I'm back to myself. right now, I am just busy with my work.

Have a lovely day everyone! :)
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(Some) Good Things In Life ♥

1. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
2. Waking up to a thunderstorm
3. Staying in your pajamas all day
4. Finding something lost
5. Noticing something you never have before
6. Feeling pretty
7. Getting scared holding onto someone
8. Using a blanket straight out of the dryer
9. Deep talks with your best friend
10. When someone notices your new haircut
11. When you turn the page of your book and it cackles
12. Finally understand something
13. Being trusted with a secret
14. Playing your favorite song on repeat and singing along!
15. Eating fries and spaghetti
16. Getting new glasses and seeing everything clearly

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First award from EMOTERA! Thank you :)

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From Hazel. Thank you! :D