Cold Makes Me Sleepy

After the my previous post two weeks ago. The weather here keeps in raining and I don't have a time every morning to jog and to start my new year with all those stuffs I posted on my previous post. Deep sigh! I haven't yet experienced sunshine the whole day for two weeks after the holiday season. There is (a sunshine) but suddenly the sky will turn to grey and then the rain will pour. Ohhhh oh! Why oh why! 

Though its raining I still manage to be happy during rainy days. hahaha! I play online games which makes me forget to update my blog? or enough to forget to update this little web space of mine? haha either way, I still love my blog and I will post every time I feel to post something. 

How about you? What do you do during rainy days? :) Have a great day! and Rain, rain go away for me here. sigh.

The cold weather is making me sleepy all day haha!

mm.. I like cold weather.. =)
though, I really do not like the rain, cause it prevents us from doing various stuff right?


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